The Covid 19 pandemic has affected all kinds of medical practice, including that of ophthalmology. Whenever the doctor has to come in close contact with a patient for a check-up, there is a situation of risk for both. Thus, diagnostic instruments and devices which make it possible for checking at a safe distance and also remotely, offer a clear advantage. Remidio is engaged in designing and developing smart, innovative and disruptive Imaging Technologies in Vision Care, using a product development approach called “Design Thinking”. Two of its products which are widely used in countries all over the world offer safe diagnostic technology for ophthalmology – the Portable Slit Lamp (PSL) and the Anterior Imaging Module (AIM). These products are considered to be game changing for retina related diagnosis, especially Diabetic Retinotherapy. Both PSL and AIM cater to the new patient norm of making sure that safe physical distancing is maintained between doctor and patient. Moreover, they ensure perfect diagnostics, clear imaging and digitised photo documentation which can be remotely shared, uploaded and stored. In the “new normal” situation where tele-medicine will become widely preferred, safe distancing and digital communication will become an integral part of ophthalmological diagnostics. Remidio is already showing the way. Remidio.com


PSL offers High End Ophthalmological Diagnosis with Doctor - Patient Protection Advantage

The Remidio Portable Slit Lamp (PSL) is a hand held digital anterior segment imaging device for screening and diagnosis of the human eye. In addition  to being a high end diagnostic device which is lightweight and easy to use with one hand - the compact design allows effortless movement in clinical consultations  as well as field-based screenings. In the uncertain times of the Covid 19 Pandemic, PSL offers two key safety advantages for both patient and doctor, by limiting personal contact and exposure:

  • In clinics, when doctors have to be extra careful about exposing themselves to patients and vice versa, PSL offers physical distancing of over one metre
  • In remote diagnostics, PSL offers a tele-ophthalmology advantage. Secure cloud data management facilitates convenient and remote clinical reviews and consultations.  

AIM uses iPhone Technology to Digitise any Slit Lamp and Facilitate Safe Photo Documentation from a Distance

The Remidio Anterior Imaging Module (AIM) is compatible with all iPhones, models 6 S upwards. It offers bulk upload with unlimited cloud storage; has high quality beam splitter optics and can digitise any Slit Lamp, with three or more steps of magnification. The high end Intelligent Acquisition Software facilitates Patient Records Security and Confidentiality + Anywhere Access.

The COVID-19 scenario has called for technological innovations maintaining the COVID protocols include social distancing.   Remidio Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd has been the leading the path in bringing out new products to cater this neo-normal scenario.


NMFOP – The Smart Non Mydriatic Ophthalmic equipment

Remidio Innivative Solutions among other ophthalmic equipment, also have an unique equipment, NM Fundus On Phone (NMFOP). The patented optical design (US patent # 9398851) and simplicity of a smartphone enables the user to capture reflex free high quality images of the retina at the click of a button.
The smartphone itself is not enough for total diagnosis through digital channels. There is the need to adapt to new technologies which offer much more precision. In ophthalmology the precision of output data play a major role in diagnosis and further medication.
Remidio has come up with an advanced Fundus camera which has proved to be a key component in Remote Medical Care. Fundus On Phone is a patented optical design which enables the user to capture reflex-free high-quality images of the retina at the click of a button. A small revolution in ophthalmology.
Remidio’s Fundus On Phone is an instance where vital statistics concerning eyes can be transferred from the optometrist to the ophthalmologist without any delay.
Remote Medical Care has been the turning point for the healthcare sector which has been stretched to its maximum limit in this global pandemic. Remidio Innovative Solutions is a pioneer in the emerging technology.


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