Ensure your safety from fake Face Masks!

PS-N95 face masks are lifesavers for frontline health workers and those exposed to crowds in their line of work.

In the coronavirus pandemic, the urgent and overwhelming demand for PS-N95 masks is quite evident in India. As of now, around four lakh people have been seriously affected by COVID-19 outbreak and the mortality from the disease is close to touching the 10,000 mark!  The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has instructed the frontline COVID warriors to wear PS-N95 masks regularly as per the COVID protocol. Along with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), these protective face masks will safeguard them from the deadly virus. However, amidst the surge in demand for face masks, online and offline sale of fake and counterfeit N95 masks has created a big headache for the masses and the administration. The market is getting flooded with low quality and fake N95 masks for quick profits.


The biggest task for all of us is to reject the counterfeit and fake N95 masks and avoid buying them, either online or offline. As per ICMR guidelines, the eco-friendly N95 and N90 respirators, with high filtration efficiency, if correctly worn, are protective against airborne particles. These closely fit facial masks have high fluid resistance, good breathability and easily identifiable internal and external faces. The low quality and fake N95 masks have inferior filtration capacity and will not safeguard against inhaling airborne particles and can invite the deadly corona virus for all, especially the frontline COVID warriors

Only genuine and original N95 masks are washable and reusable for an average of 20 wash cycles. Companies like Remidio Innovative Solutions, a global pioneer in AI-enabled modern eyecare, are providing ICMR approved, SITRA-tested high-quality N95 and N90 masks under brand Remisafe to meet this critical need of the nation because we know if we are able to help, lives can be saved and we can together stop the spread of this vicious virus.

Particular care has to be taken while procuring the N95 masks for the frontline COVID warriors in this time of crisis. If you are looking to buy N95 masks online, visit: https://store.remidio.com/collections/remisafe#collection-181827928152

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